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Fandom Fun Store

The Fandom Fun Store was how FFS started. We'd go to the local "geek" conventions because we're big fans ourselves, and we decided to have a table as vendors. At first it was just reselling items, but then we thought that we could actually produce stuff for the less mainstream fandoms, and as time has gone on we've started making more and more items. Of course there aren't many conventions on Vancouver Island, so we started producing stuff for other markets, even boring things like business cards, but fandoms are still where we expend most of our creative energy.  

We try to keep up to date here, but we're always adding more items, so if there's something you want but don't see just contact us and we'll see what we can do.

A few shots of the store.



Light or Dark Side? Choose wisely.

We are pleased to offer a range of duelling light sabers in various sizes, all with shatterproof polycarbonate blades.

The Youngling/Acolyte; overall length 78cm, weight 265g, 7 blade colours, sound effects, comes in your choice of silver or black.

The Padawan/Apprentice; overall length 100cm, weight 300g, 11 blade colours, 3 sets of sound effects, mute function and volume control, a choice of 6 different hilt colours to choose from- black, silver, gunmetal, gold red and blue.

The Jedi Knight/Sith Lord; overall length 103cm, weight 370g, 19 pre-programmed blade colours plus 1 programmable colour, 10 sets of sound effects, mute function and volume control, a choice of a silver or black hilt.

The Ren; overall length 110cm, weight 540g, red blade, 5 sets of sound effects, mute function and volume control, handle has 2 small additional blades projecting from the side of the hilt.

The Jedi Master/Sith Lord; overall length 108cm, weight 530g, 11 blade colours, 5 sets of sound effects, mute function and volume control, belt clip at the end of the hilt.


To arrange a viewing email or call 250-202-3484.

Custom Made Items

Below are some examples of the things we create. It doesn't matter what you are a fan of, we can put it on any of the items we make, even if it means creating artwork from scratch. The biggest part of our business is producing one-off items for people, and we try to keep our prices affordable for everyone.

Other Items

We don't make the items below, but we're always on the lookout for something a bit different and fun.